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Entry #3

YAY! New game!

2011-08-27 10:59:27 by lime-light

Finally took the time to submit my first solo game! I put a lot of time and effort into it, and I hope everyone loves it! So...go vote for it...


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2011-09-03 07:41:18

I gave up on "Remember Me?" Still, a decent game up until that point.

One thing you should think about is how all the tiles will look together on screen. Brown and forest green aren't the most attractive colors and they certainly don't complement our rainbow friend's appearance.


2011-11-15 23:21:38

Hey! If you like one of my songs maybe use it in a flash! ;)

lime-light responds:

Actually, I've got a game coming up that a couple o your songs would be perfect for


2011-11-16 23:16:20

Awesome! Thanks Man! I've been waiting for my songs to be finally used in a flash! Much appreciated!


2011-12-22 17:18:07

in teh next madness combat sc add zombies you left out the damn zombies


2012-02-28 17:39:51

pokayspine fuck off he is not evn IN madness combat so stfu and leave NG